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Hi, Iā€™m Sayan šŸ‘‹

Namaste, I'm a student developer from Kolkata with over 3 years of coding experience. I am currently pursuing a degree in computer science and working on various open source projects and collaborating with startups to bring their ideas to life. Outside of studies, I love to create and build new projects and learn new technologies and ideas. I have a strong passion for coding and making a positive impact through my work. Some of the skills that I have acquired and used in my projects are: Go, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, HTML, JSON, Rust, C++, Java, CMake, Markdown, Terraform, INI, and PHP. I also have frontend experience with ReactJS, NextJS and TailwindCSS, and state management using Zustand.

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Implementing Real-Time Chat Messaging with NestJS, Server-Sent Events, and NestJS Event Emitters


Learn how to implement a real-time chat messaging feature using NestJS, Server-Sent Events (SSE), and NestJS event emitters.

Building a Web Scraper with Next.js API Routes and Cheerio on Vercel


Learn how to build a web scraper using Next.js API Routes and Cheerio on Vercel. This guide provides detailed steps for utilizing the power of Next.js server and Cheerio for web scraping. Please note that this guide is for educational purposes only and does not endorse or promote any illegal activities.

Selected projects (13)

Easy Push - Open Source Real-time data transmission system

TypeScript ā€¢ NestJS ā€¢ PostgreSQL ā€¢ SSE

anilistWrapPY - Unofficial Python Client for AniList GraphQL v2 API

Python ā€¢ GraphQL

anilistWrapGo - Unofficial Golang Client for AniList GraphQL v2 API

Golang ā€¢ GraphQL

Easy Push SDK

TypeScript ā€¢ SSE

Kigyo - Telegram Group Management Bot (2.7M+ users and counting)

Python ā€¢ PostgreSQL ā€¢ Telegram API

Barta Songmelon - Open Source Real-time Meetings

Vercel ā€¢ NextJS ā€¢ TypeScript ā€¢ Realtime

Temporal Demo

ReactJS (NextJS) ā€¢ TailwindCSS ā€¢ Typescript

CairoRasa API - API for food delivery service

FastAPI ā€¢ MongoDB ā€¢ Python

SSE Chat Server

NestJS ā€¢ SSE ā€¢ Postgresql ā€¢ Typescript

Firebase Task Logger

ReactJS ā€¢ Redux ā€¢ Firebase ā€¢ Typescript

Bausastra - Indonesian Dictionary Bot

GrammY ā€¢ Telegram Bot API ā€¢ Web Scraping ā€¢ Typescript

Fight Censorship Bot

Golang ā€¢ Telegram Bot API

Video player for windows

.NET ā€¢ C# ā€¢ Windows Forms

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